Here is what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us:

“Humboldt Property Management has done an excellent job of marketing our rentals and getting them rented in a timely manner to quality tenants. When problems have come up Alan and his staff have dealt with them in a very efficient and professional manner.  We would reccomend their services without hesitation to anyone who owns investment properties.”

Miranda Moore
Lincoln, CA

 “I used to manage my own property for years until I discovered the services of Humboldt Property Management.  I was always afraid to turn my property over to a management company for fear that it would become lost in the shuffle, but this certainly has not been the case as they have been very attentive to all of my needs.  Since I do not have to deal with any of the day to day management issues it has freed up much of my time to do other things.  My vacancy rate has improved dramatically, while my relative operating costs have declined in real dollar terms.  I also appreciate the fact that all of the management fees are fully tax deductable.  I highly reccomend their services to anyone.”

Robert Lake
Trinidad, CA

“I live and work outside the country.  Without the services of Humboldt Property Management I would not be able to run my property.  They provide clear concise accounting, keep the property well maintained, and keep rents at current market levels.  I would recommend them to anyone who owns property in Humboldt county.”

John Hermanson
Shanghai, China